The best part of Rich Blog is the community. It's the readers who make this site the fantastic resource it's become.

One feature that helps to build this community is the Friday "Ask the Readers" column. Most Fridays, we publish a question from a reader just like you. Other readers then respond with their own experience, opinions, and advice. Topics range from retirement to grocery shopping to credit card debt.

Unfortunately, Rich Blog receives far too many questions to run them all. To maximize the chance that your question will be selected for publication, remember the following:

    • Keep it brief. While some background is helpful, you don't need to share your life history. We're much more likely to read (and publish) a two-paragraph story than a two page story.

    • Be general — and specific. Rich Blog is much more likely to publish questions that apply to a wide group of people. "How do I save for a down payment?" interests more people than "How do I save for a luxury yacht?" That said, a few details about your personal situation help readers provide better answers.

    • Search the archives. We receive a lot of duplicate questions. Before you ask yours, check the Ask the Readers archives to be sure your problem hasn't been addressed before. Sometimes when we don't run your question it's because the topic has been covered recently. (We don't mind repeating topics, but we try not to do it often and generally try to come at it from a different angle than was previously covered.)

And if you need to be anonymous for any reason, please let us know. We know that sometimes entire families read the site and privacy needs to be protected.

That's it, really. If you'd like to submit a question for GRS readers to tackle, here's how to do it...

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