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Satta Sarmah-Hightower

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Best Budget Apps 2016-2017: BillTracker

As far as money apps go, BillTracker is less about budgeting and more about reminding. So for anyone who’s ever been hit with a late fee for being a day or two late, the app is a valuable tool to help you stay current on all your bills, which ultimately may improve your credit. Here’s our review: What I Like The user interface is simple and easy to use. Hit the “Accounts” tab in the…

Ultimate Guide to Mastering Your Money in College

With moreĀ than 20 million students enrolled in colleges and universities and with the average cost of a four-year degreeĀ at nearly $10,000 per year (triple that number for a private institution), scores of Americans will realize now or later that higher education comes with serious financial implications — for them and their parents. Many students will finance their education with student loans. The average 2016 college graduate has more than $37,000 in loan debt, but there…

The 2016 Newlyweds’ Guide to Money

Talking about money is just as uncomfortable as any discussion about religion or politics. We’re raised to think it’s not a topic for polite conversation. Unfortunately, some of us hold onto that belief even when the person on the other end of the conversation is someone we should trust — our future spouse. Millions of Americans will tie the knot this year, but how many will have “the talk” — the one about marriage and…