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How to Create Passive Income

Side jobs are always a popular topic on Rich Blog. Whether your goal is to boost savings, supplement retirement income or pay down debt faster, you are not alone in choosing to work nights, weekends or in-between other demands. This can mean Uber driving, dog walking, freelance writing, even assembling IKEA furniture for a fee, essentially wherever skills and interests intersect with demand for those services. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says about 20 million Americans…

How to Find the Best CD Terms

There are investors and there are savers. If you fall into the category of the former, you have a greater tolerance for risk. If you are a saver, your main financial concern is to protect your principal, which leads many to certificates of deposit. But how to find the best CD terms? Let’s start at the beginning. The goal of a CD is to ensure the principal can be spared no matter what happens in…

Market-linked CDs Explained

Many people have heard of CDs — certificates of deposit. But not many will say the same for market linked CDs, also known as equity CDs or market or indexed CDs. Though they’ve been around since the 1980s, renewed interest in market-linked CDs is a product of our current interest rate environment. Interest rates are low. Really low. So it’s understandable that people are looking for some risk-free or lower risk ways to earn the…