EverBank: Offering the best CD rates and money market rates

EverBank's history begins some 50 years ago when it originally served as a regional bank in Florida. While EverBank has evolved into a major direct bank, it has never forgotten its roots, and customers can still visit one of its branches while in the Sunshine State.

Although it has branches only in and around Florida, EverBank serves customers across the country. Its high CD rates and money market rates make the institution an attractive option for those seeking a convenient way to maximize their interest.

EverBank promises top yieldsEverBank Logo

Online banks typically offer the best CD rates and money market rates, but they generally don't guarantee them. However, EverBank promises its customers will receive account yields that are in the top 5 percent of competitive accounts. The promise applies to the following products:

Competitive accounts are defined as those from the top five banks and top five thrifts doing business in the 10 largest U.S. markets. In addition, the top banks and thrifts are determined by their deposit base as of the last Wednesday of each month.

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Mobile banking and other services

EverBank customers have access to more than top account yields. The bank also offers a variety of convenient account features. For example, checking accounts currently feature:

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In addition, the company offers home loans and refinancing options at current mortgage rates. Other services offered by EverBank and its affiliates include credit cards, investment products and retirement accounts.

EverBank may not be one of the largest banks in the country, but it does promise some of the best rates. That, combined with its financial stability and convenient account features, make it a worthy option for any savvy saver's money.

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