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As more companies become mortgage lenders, the need for guidance through the process and all of its options has emerged. Mortgage brokers are springing up to meet that need. Unfortunately, people who are unfamiliar with mortgages often get brokers and lenders confused.

They don't always understand that the mortgage broker, who they have dealt with all along and who they may have built a rapport with, is not the person who will be handling their loan. Often, the company isn't even located in the same city. Mortgage brokers work with mortgage lenders from all over the country.

Lending for Mortgages

Mortgage lenders usually service a loan in-house. On some occasions, they may sell a loan to another party, but this will be in the fine print of the loan. If keeping your mortgage local is important to you, be sure to request that your loan be kept in-house for its' full duration as part of the loan terms.

 Mortgage Lending

Working with mortgage lenders could mean you pay a little more in interest rates. In the long run, it could save you a lot of headaches. Working directly with the lender means you build a relationship, not just make a business transaction.

Working with the lender usually means your mortgage stays local and isn't sold to some outside company, unknown to you. Working directly with a mortgage lender can be well worth the added expenses because of the benefits that it holds. © 2007 . All rights reserved.