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An online mortgage calculator can be used to help you determine how much you can afford to borrow. These types of mortgage calculators are helpful as you will be able to compare the costs of several interest rates of the different loan offers.

It also helps to determine what impact the length of the mortgage will have and if you add principal payments or you pay bi-weekly instead of monthly. Most of the online mortgage calculators on the internet are automated tools. They are able to quickly determine what the financial implications will be in relation to any changes which may occur, or any variables that may happen with relation to your mortgage financing.
Mortgage Calculator Variables

The main variables that these calculators consider are:

1. The balance of the principal loan.
2. The periodic interest rate and the compounded interest rate.
3. The number of payments to be made each year.
4. The total number of payments to be made to that will be made to settle the mortgage.
5. What each payment amount will be.

Certainly if you are one of the many people who does not have a mortgage, and are currently looking for one, then an online mortgage calculator may be a very useful tool. Once the requested information (such as what your income is along with your living expenses) has been entered, this tool will calculate how much you should consider borrowing.
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